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Roma Sendyka | Esej i ekfraza (Herbert - Bieńkowska - Bieńczyk)*

Roma Sendyka Esej i ekfraza (Herbert - Bieńkowska - Bieńczyk)* ABSTRACT. Sendyka Roma, Esej i ekfraza (Herbert - Bieńkowska - Bieńczyk) [Essay and Ekphrasis (Herbert - Bieńkowska - Bieńczyk)]. Przestrzenie Teorii" 11. Poznań 2009, Adam M ickiewicz University Press, pp ISBN ISSN Michel Riffaterre in article L'lllusion d'ekphrasis put forward an idea of "critical ekphrasis" (1994) what may become an invitation to ask if other sub-genres/modes of ekphrasis may be described. The text Essay and Ekphrasis develops this question in the field of essayistic traditions. Evoking the tendency of writing on art in that genre (from Montaigne, Diderot, Ruskin, Pater to art historians, critics and artists) the article analyses three examples of ekphrases (by Zbigniew Herbert, Ewa Bieńkowska and Marek Bieńczyk) to voice a hypothesis that ekphrasis in an essay may be a useful proof for those who question (ostensive) representational powers of that textual tool. Essayistic ekphra…